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North American Stainless Steel Market Webinar 2022 (Online)


Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Venue: Online Seminar, GoToMeeting Plattform

Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm (CST)

Language: English




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The webinar will be recorded and you can also watch it later in case you are busy during the original time.

An exceptional year for the stainless steel industry came to end. Refilling of the stainless steel pipeline has created a ‘stainless price bubble’ and high profitability for stainless steel producers. But will this bubble burst (and when?) and what will be ahead in 2022?

SMR (in cooperation with World Steel Dynamics) organizes an online Market Webinar to discuss this and many other issues that will shape our industry in 2022 and beyond.

This market seminar summarizes news and trends of the global and North American stainless steel markets. All participants will receive extensive material, including relevant market figures, which can be used as an independent expert option for the internal budget planning process.

The following issues that are on everybody’s mind will be discussed in detail during this seminar:

  • How is the material availability at the beginning of 2022?
  • When will the stainless price bubble burst in North America?
  • Which factors could make this bubble burst? Are there factors that could prolong the high price situation?
  • How much of the volumes increase in 2021 was ‘real demand’?
  • Outlook 2022: Which end use segments are the market drivers and which are inhibitors?
  • What are the latest trends on import restrictions?
  • Are high container rates impacting global trade flows?
  • How can a global level playfield be assured (e.g. regulation of global CO2 costs?)

Your questions can be asked directly during the seminar or provided in advance by e-mail.

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